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After reaching a certain point most businesses find it difficult to go further in their development. Improving the growth speed after reaching a stage is tough.

Klavd Technologies are presenting specially structured optimization and performance services that will give you the essential boost. Today Cloud lists top among the lists of top cloud computing service providers in India. Everyone aim to increase the value of IT in their organisation, but we don’t run behind them, we follow our own path as we believe we can change the world by being ourselves.

Our technical team concentrates on the performance optimisation through better application acceleration solutions and improved Network performance management services. We follow an approach different from others thereby serving more than 10 lakhs of customers in the past 15 years. You can believe us. We are your trusted partners.

Why You elect Klavd

  • Accelerate your business

    The competition out there in the market is very tough, but that is not one
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  • Website Performance

    We are more than just providing hosting service for your websites.
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  • Ecommerce Delivery

    Ecommerce websites generally deal with trading in products and hence it involves huge traffic.
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  • Mobile Apps Performance

    Over the past few years mobile complexities have been increasing
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  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    The team of Content Delivery Network strives at serving the end users
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  • Online video management system

    Cloud has successfully established its trademark in delivering
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  • Client side acceleration

    High consumption of bandwidth for media applications have become a major
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