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General Information:

Klavd respects the privacy of our customers, business partners and other people who visit our website. We recognize the requisite for appropriate protections and management of your personal information to us. This Privacy Statement of Klavd outlines the personal information we collect and how this information has been implemented.

We know that the existing growth of the Internet and online services will raise queries regarding the nature, usage and confidentiality of the personal information what we collected about consumers.

Klavd always keep in mind to understand when and how that personal information has been collected, used, disclosed and protected.

Network and Personal information security:

Klavd may collect various details about the individuals such as their name, address, contact number, e-mail address, user IDs & passwords, billing & transaction information, credit card or other financial information and contact preferences. For security purpose, we conserve a variety of physical, electronic and procedural safeguard to guard all your personal information which you have mentioned above.

Along with this, we use encryption technologies to shield your account information when you are viewing your bill on our Website or via email.

But you should be aware that Klavd has no control over the security of other sites on the Internet you might visit, interact with or from which you buy products or services.

It is indispensable to keep your user name, password or other access information safe and confidential to protect against unauthorized access to your account information and services. It will be good if you adopt passwords that others may not guess easily.

How we protect your Personally Identifiable information?

Unless you provide your personally identifiable information to us voluntarily, we will not collect it. Klavd’s strong motto, is it does not share, disclose or sell any personally – identifiable information such as your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address collected online on a Klavd site with other unaffiliated companies or organizations for non-Klavd marketing purposes, but we restrict their use and limit disclosure of CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) for providing services to you or market products and services as previously described. Because this personally identifiable information as a crucial part of our business and also would be treated like our other assets in the context of a merger, sale or other corporate legal proceedings.

How we use the information?

Klavd uses personally-identifiable information we collect online to provide customers, business partners and website visitors and also to help us for the better understanding of your needs and interests. Also, we use this information in response to other legal demands.

Internet Business Usage:

Your personally identifiable information is used in many aspects of our business operations. We enclose it to provide you the services you request, to identify you properly when you contact us, to bill and to collect for services, to guarantee your creditworthiness for continued services, to influence appropriate state and local payment of taxes, to protect our rights or property or to carry out the terms of any services or agreement. It also will be more useful to communicate with you about your account or other official matters and much more.

Marketing Communications:

For Marketing Communication, we use this information to inform you about new products and services. We may contact you at your wireless, residential or business phone numbers or through by email, text message, fax, automated voice messaging or through by direct mail.


All hosting services provided by Klavd may be used for lawful purposes only.

All kinds of pornographic or sex-related merchandising are prohibited on Klavd servers. This includes sites that may deduce sexual content or links to adult content elsewhere.

It also prohibits the sites that promote any illegal activities or any existing content that may be damaging to Klavd servers or any other server on the internet. Links of those sites are also prohibited.